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Crafty Critters: Munch-Up game was a project under Tender Blender, a small design group I started with friends back in Manila. It was our entry representing the Ateneo Art Gallery for the annual Zero-In exhibition. We decided to create something geared towards younger kids. We developed a tablet that revolves around a rock-paper-scissors game system. As the player plays through, they are rewarded with illustrated stories and learning tidbits about the gallery's featured art pieces. 



The game opens with the story of Iggy, a young and hungry boy on a school field trip who discovers that the artworks have come to life as monsters! It's up to him to him to keep these monsters in check and save the day! We collaborated with local children's book writer, and professor, Elbert Or to come up with the story. We also have music and score done by award winning composer, Denise Santos. I was in charge of creating the characters, illustrating the story scenes, and designing the interface of the game. 


Title Screen.jpg
Options Screen.jpg

Structuring the game dynamics and menu structure, was fairly straight forward. The game opens with a simple menu: game start and options to tweak sound effects and music. Once you start the game, the player is treated to a story telling cut scene to introduce the premise and a short instructional on how to play. 

I proposed the "Pokemon" battle system style as a basis on how the gameplay would be structured. Players are given three attack choices, one beating the other, like rock-paper-scissors. Once an attack is chosen, an animation is triggered to show the player if the got a win, a loss, or a draw on their turn. Lose three turns, you loose the level, win 3, and you move on to the next. After each match the player is given the monster profile and information on the artwork it represents.

Fight Screen 4.jpg
Screen 11.jpg
Screen 12.jpg
Screen 13.jpg
good taste.jpg



The game was exhibited on tablets, hooked to huge monitors. The tablets were kindly sponsored by Samsung Inc. The exhibit was well received by both children and art enthusiast. There's nothing like seeing kids get excited and enjoy playing something you've made! For the exhibit opening, the Ateneo Art Gallery prepared cupcakes featuring the characters from the game! They also had standees made scattered along the exhibit space. It was a fun time for everyone! 


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